Alliance GloBâle

Launching a dialogue platform

What was involved?

The Basel Chamber of Commerce has launched the "Alliance GloBâle" initiative together with other associations and representatives from politics, business and the community. The aim of the initiative is the preservation and further development of the EuroAirport as a central transport hub of the trinational region of Basel. It's also about emphasizing the airport's positive impact on our region.


How did we tackle the task together?

The focus was on the creation of a dialogue platform for the community, business and politics and the development of meaningful content about aviation and the EuroAirport. Testimonials from supporters from politics and business in the trinational region are also an important element. In cooperation with the Basel Chamber of Commerce and EuroAirport, the thematic priorities for the central communication channels – the website and the newsletter – are continuously being developed. Controversial topics are also deliberately highlighted to stimulate discussion. Since being founded in 2019, the network of private and institutional supporters has grown continuously, which impressively demonstrates the great benefits of the EuroAirport for the residential and economic region of Basel.

What communication challenges do you have?

In an initial conversation, we would be happy to talk to you about your communicative challenges and goals - free of charge, of course.