Getting to the heart of promising research findings

What’s involved?

A Basel-based biotech company specializing in the development of therapies for the treatment of multi-resistant types of cancer would like to reposition itself in terms of communication. The trigger for the repositioning is promising new findings from their own research and development.


How did we tackle the task together?

Together with the management team, we developed the USP and the messaging for the company’s repositioning over several workshops. Above all, it is about developing a simple, clear and convincing story that is understood by investors and the specialist media. We adjusted their website and supported the client in professionalizing the investor slide deck. With proactive media-relations work and posts on LinkedIn, we drew the attention of the biotech and investor community to this repositioning. We also carried out individual communication training sessions to prepare management for investor conferences and media interviews.

What communication challenges do you have?

In an initial conversation, we would be happy to talk to you about your communicative challenges and goals - free of charge, of course.