Our services include positioning, public affairs, media & investor relations, internal/change communication, crisis communication, communication coaching and moderation. Together with our clients, we develop the right communication strategy with the aim of creating awareness and trust among the key stakeholders. We bring your stories to life in pictures and words. We are also happy to train individuals for important communication appearances, because in the end it is the people who make the difference in communication.


Based on your business strategy, we develop the positioning and brand of your company with you. Piller Public supports you in the development of the messaging, the visual appearance, the website, the LinkedIn campaign, the company presentations, the media or investor releases, the Q & As etc. We make sure that the content and visualization are consistent and congruent to strengthen the positioning and reputation of your company in a sustainable manner. Together with you, we tell the stories of your company in such a way that they create awareness and trust among key stakeholders. Thanks to our strong personal network in the economy, politics and the media, we can help you open doors to important target groups. 

Public Affairs

We support companies and organisations in developing a cohesive communications strategy to build and strengthen the reputation with key stakeholders. Piller Public provides you with insights on the positioning of key stakeholders to a particular project (stakeholder analysis and mapping). We advise you in integrating your most important stakeholder groups with the aim of turning affected parties into solution-oriented dialogue partners (stakeholder management). We will show you on how you can win the general public for your idea using traditional and social media. Piller Public develops public campaigns (campaigning) and support you in implementing them. In all these activities you will benefit from our strong network in business and politics in the north-western region of Switzerland and the Swiss media. Thanks to our strong personal network in business, politics and media, we can help you open doors to important target groups.

Media Relations and Social Media

We make the external communication of your organisation more efficient and effective. Jointly with you, we will strengthen your media relations and social media activities to strengthen the reputation of your organization. Piller Public advises you in strategy, content, target groups and tactics. You profit from our strong network with media in Switzerland and with the trade media of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We set up background talks, organize media conferences, and help you tell your story to make headlines and generate postings. On your behalf, we act as a media office and manage your presence in the social media.

Investor Relations

We work with you to develop an investor relations strategy that fits your communication strategy and the current stage of development of your company. This includes a clear positioning and a convincing value proposition. We support you in the preparations for your meetings with private and institutional investors and the creation of attractive investor pitch presentations. In a 1: 1 training we prepare you for upcoming pitches.

Change Communikations

Piller Public supports you in the strategy and implementation of internal communication with the aim of creating a common understanding of the vision, goals and values. Our heart beats for the ultimate discipline of internal communication: change communication. It conveys the need for change, the goal, the path and the progress of the change in order to provide orientation. Change communication focuses on people, stories and emotions in order to generate energy for change. It deliberately relies on dialogue and proactively addresses the challenges of the change, because only then is it credible. And last but not least, the change communication provides transparent and timely information about decisions in order to create security.

Crisis Communication and Litigation PR

If your organization runs into problems from one day to the next, Piller Public works with you to develop a communication strategy for this difficult situation. Our goal is to build trust and not risk it. We rapidly analyse your specific crisis situation and show you the possible options for action with the necessary calm and external optics. Jointly with you we ensure that your organisation is prevented of reputational damage or that it is kept as small as possible. This also applies to communication accompanying a litigation (Litigation PR), which we plan and implement in close consultation with the litigating lawyers. After the storm, Piller Public will support you in how you can rebuild, strengthen and sustain the company's reputation in the long term.

Communications coaching

Piller Public coaches you in communications to ensure that you are coming across focused, credibly, authentically and engaged. We train you how to manage a conversation in tricky and unpleasant situations. In doing so, we think about your starting position and the specific setting of your communication, e.g. internal meetings with employees or the executive board, media interview, presentation to investors, public panel discussion or a background discussion with a politician.

Moderation and Presentation

Piller Public moderates your internal or external communication event, your panel discussion or your workshop. This allows you to focus on your actual role as supervisor, project manager or subject matter expert. We are also available as a presenter for tricky situations and controversial content.

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