ten23 health

Building a new brand in a short time

What was involved?

In September 2021, a new, globally operating contract developer and manufacturer (CDMO) called ten23 health was launched in Basel. The company supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide in developing effective and safe medicines for patients.


How did we tackle the task together?

Together with the client, we developed the communication strategy for the new company to go live. The focus was on the question: What are the USP and the core messages of ten23 health in the densely-packed global CDMO market? Based on this, we created a communication plan, media releases, Q&As and much more. Together with partners, we worked on a professional website and a visually appealing video teaser. With proactive media relations work, we quickly achieved a strong presence in the regional and business media, as well as in the global specialist media of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In addition, we use testimonials and the channels of business and industry associations to strengthen the brand. The customer's proactive content campaign on LinkedIn also contributed significantly to making the top-class expertise better known in the global life-sciences community.


What communication challenges do you have?

In an initial conversation, we would be happy to talk to you about your communicative challenges and goals - free of charge, of course.