University Hospital Basel

Change communication for a far-reaching reorganization

What was involved?

The University Hospital Basel was restructured into seven departments in 2021. At the same time, a completely new management model was introduced: six of the seven departments are no longer managed by one person, but by a management trio from the fields of medicine, nursing and business administration. One of the goals of the reorganization was to achieve an even more holistic coordination of patient care. The hospital, which found communication very challenging at that time due to both the pandemic and many hospital-wide projects, chose us as its partner for change communication.


How did we tackle the task together?

At the beginning we conducted interviews with decision-makers from the most diverse areas of the organization in order to measure the pulse regarding reorganization. In close cooperation with communication and HR, we developed a communication concept to support the milestones of the targeted structural and cultural changes in the best possible way. We attached great importance to a comprehensible and appealing change story in order to orientate employees about the reasons for and the goal of the reorganization. Together with the hospital team, we decided on the topic priorities, the appropriate routes and the target-oriented events. We paid particular attention to promoting open dialogue in order to give questions and controversial topics enough space. This communication was accompanied by a consistent visualization to make the goals of the reorganization visible and tangible. During the change process, we then increasingly focused on the first steps towards change. This supported the employees in continuing along the path they had chosen.

What communication challenges do you have?

In an initial conversation, we would be happy to talk to you about your communicative challenges and goals - free of charge, of course.