What does it take to strengthen the reputation of a company?

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    You want to win new customers, investors and partners for your company. As we all know, this is much easier if people already know your company. And even easier if people have a positive attitude towards your company.

    You can learn how to increase the awareness of your company and strengthen its reputation in this workshop. With a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, you will learn... to develop a well thought-out communication strategy that fits your company's business strategy, culture and stage of development. to create a convincing corporate positioning and strong key messages.
    ...which content you can actually use to make an impact in media relations and on LinkedIn. to best prepare for a pitch in front of potential investors or partners as well as for a media interview. You will make a pitch for your company and receive individual feedback.

    The workshop is led by Daniel Piller, CEO of Piller Public. He led Roche's global media relations and global internal communications for many years. As former business editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the economist (lic.rer.pol.) also brings a journalistic perspective. With his proven communication and management know-how, he has been advising companies and individuals on questions of reputation, communication and public affairs for over ten years.

    During the workshop you will receive many valuable impulses and tips - but that's not all. Experience shows that support is needed above all for concrete communicative challenges in everyday business life. Therefore, the workshop package includes an additional hour of individual communication consultation.

    Dates on request. The workshop lasts from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and takes place at Baloise Park Ost in Basel, just a few minutes' walk from the SBB station. The workshop is in English. The number of participants is 3 to 6. We offer the same workshop also in German, as well as for individual companies (in German and English). For further information and registration please contact Daniel Piller: 79 341 36 78

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«Daniel Piller ist sehr kompetent und holt die Teilnehmenden an den Workshops gut ab. Alle haben in sehr kurzer Zeit mehr Sicherheit und Gelassenheit bei ihren Kommunikationsauftritten gewonnen.»

Samuel Lanz, Leiter Kommunikation bei Interpharma, Basel 


«Der Workshop über Auftrittskompetenz war didaktisch hervorragend aufgebaut und mit grossem Bezug zur Praxis. Ich kann die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse direkt in meinem berufliche Alltag umsetzen.»

Markus A. Zeigler, Leiter Markt & IPR bei Interpharma, Basel


«After participating in the workshop, I feel more comfortable in my communications role. Particularly the practical trainings in delivering an elevator pitch and giving a media interview were very valuable to me.»
Rita Longobardi, communications manager at Spirecut, Fribourg


«I really enjoyed the training sessions for my communications duties. In addition, the interaction with other communication peers was quite eye opening for me, given they are all confronted with similar challenges, whatever the size of the company is.»
Laure Audidiere, Communications Manager at ANAVEON AG, Basel


«The insights I gained from this workshop exceeded my expectations. It provided a wealth of practical strategies and methods. Particularly, the interactive part accelerated my personal learning process.» Malaika Schroeder, Marketing & Communications Manager at Rejuveron Life Sciences AG Life Sciences, Schlieren-Zürich


«The communications workshop was a good mix of input, tips, checklists and practical work. In particular, I benefited greatly from the practical exercises such as doing an elevator pitch and preparing for a media interview.»
Yves Serroen, Head of Marketing and Communications at Biognosys, Schlieren-Zürich


«The workshop is a must do for entrepreneurs. My take-home message? It’s all about good preparation!»
Sébastien Nusslé, Co-founder, CSO and Chair of the Board at Genknowme, Biopôle, Lausanne


«The workshop gave me key elements on how to manage communications as an early stage start-up. It was accessible, fun and dynamic.»
Georges Muller, CEO and cofounder at SEED Biosciences, Biopôle, Lausanne